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We are a specialised geotechnical consultancy, covering projects and sites all around the Top of the South Island and look after both the residential and commercial building sectors. We’re a local business and aim to look after our clients so that they tell all their friends. Word-of-mouth referrals are our favourite jobs! Talk to us now and find out how we can help.

Our Services

GeoSolutions provides specialist geotechnical services to assist you with your building project. You may need to provide a Geotech report to accompany your application for resource consent for a subdivision or would like a foundation assessment for a new cellphone tower. We will help you establish an appropriate and cost-effective investigation for your project and then walk you through the process through to consent application. We usually need to double check the plans before application, may need to answer questions during the consent application and will almost certainly need to check the ground conditions during construction.

  • .Site and soil investigations
  • .Landslip damage assessment and remediation
  • .Subdivision geotechnical assessments (urban and rural)
  • .Liquefaction assessment
  • .Establishment of fault location
  • .Earthworks design, supervision & certification
  • .Natural disaster insurance assessment
  • .Geotechnical peer review services and expert opinions
  • .On-site wastewater disposal suitability assessment
  • .Geotechnical site certification

Team Members

Professional Engineering Geologist

Sally Hargraves

Senior Engineering Geologist

Mark Gray


Engineering Geologist

Sam Buckner


Graduate Engineering Geologist

Jordan Lindbom


Project Support

Jarrod Hammond

Administrative Support

Danielle Martin

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Mobile: 027 898 6000